The Italians and the Holocaust; Memoirs of a Fortunate Jew: An Italian Story

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The Italians and the Holocaust

By Susan Zuccotti
Basic Books, 1987
334 pp. $19.95

Memoirs of a Fortunate Jew: An Italian Story

By Dan Vittorio Segre
Adler & Adler, 1987
274 pp. $16.95

Susan Zuccotti has written a major work that integrates the story of individual lives with the general history of Italian Jewry during World War II: at once an evocation and a deeply empathetic analysis. The rate of survival among Italian Jewry was exceptionally high, but why, the author wonders, in a country largely free of anti-Semitism were many allowed to perish? The drama of life at a time of unimaginable trials is carefully, poignantly reconstructed, as are the acts of courage and baseness and the inexplicable accidents of fate. A moving, marvelously balanced study, an example of truly humane scholarship, which asks profound questions about the holocaust and provides a knowledgeable portrait of Italian society under fascism. Professor Segre's book is a brilliant recollection of youth spent in fascist Italy with a fascist father who in 1939 helped his 17-year-old son to emigrate to Palestine. Memorable vignette of several lives and cultures.

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