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The Israeli Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why

The Israeli Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why
By Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi
289 pp, Pantheon, 1987

An indictment of what an Israeli citizen sees as Israel's unending war with the Third World as arms supplier to the forces of colonialism and reaction and ally of other "pariah states," especially South Africa. This is no aberration, he argues, for it follows from the very nature of Zionism and of Israel as a settler state, which tends to see such a policy as the only way to survive. The story is pieced together from many scattered items and news reports, the reliability of some of which may be suspect, and the interpretations may be overdrawn. But the author is convinced that the classified material, if available, would prove he has erred only in being overcautious. The book is indeed strong medicine, and many friends of Israel will not like it, but the arguments and facts adduced cannot be dismissed out of hand.