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Jonas Savimbi: A Key to Africa
Jonas Savimbi: A Key to Africa
By Fred Bridgland
Paragon House, 1987, 512 pp

In this often gripping historical narrative of Savimbi's decade-long struggle against Angola's MPLA government, the UNITA leader emerges as a contemporary hero-brave, effective, larger than life. Attempting objectivity in his account of the civil war's major events, the author, a British journalist, appears nonetheless to rely on material largely from one source, and, consequently, to scant the issue of Savimbi's South African connection. What the war means in waste of life and of a nation's bounty gets lost in episodes of conflict and exploits of the insurgent commander. What does come through strongly is Bridgland's conviction of the loss to Angola of the leadership that could be provided by the Savimbi he sees.