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Sands of Sorrow: Israel's Journey From Independence
Sands of Sorrow: Israel's Journey From Independence
By Milton Viorst
Harper & Row, 1987, 328 pp

An American journalist's view of Israel's stormy experience on the world stage, the struggle with the Arabs, and especially relations with the United States. It is quite general, sketchy on some aspects while bearing down hard on others. Inevitably subjective, it is nonetheless remarkably perceptive, honest, well written and understanding of the views and motives of all parties concerned. Viorst deplores the decline of the earlier Zionism which has faded, notably since the 1967 war, as Israel has become an aggressive regional superpower. For Israel's unwillingness to negotiate-with the PLO as well as with Arab states-he finds many to blame, in America as well as in Israel.