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Soviet Strategic Deception
Soviet Strategic Deception
Edited by Brian D. Dailey and Patrick J. Parker
Lexington Books, 1987, 538 pp

Deception, as the many authors of this massive work demonstrate, is an integral part of Soviet strategy, propaganda, diplomacy and military planning. The book is a valuable resource for those, whether in public office or outside, who have an interest in knowing what the Soviets are aiming at, how they operate, and what success they have had. The most informative chapters, by former or current professionals in U.S. intelligence services, describe Soviet organization, themes and past practices of deception. Some of the others have considerable ideological content of their own and are mainly directed to criticism of those on the American side who allegedly have allowed the Soviets to put the West at a disadvantage through use of deception; much of this argument follows that of the opponents of the SALT and ABM agreements and the whole process of arms control through negotiation.