Strategic Defenses and Soviet-American Relations; The Technology, Strategy, and Politics of SDI; Perspectives on Strategic Defense; The SDI Challenge to Europe

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Strategic Defenses and Soviet-American Relations

Edited by Samuel F. Wells, Jr., and Robert S. Litwak
Ballinger, 1987
232 pp. $29.95

The Technology, Strategy, and Politics of SDI

Edited by Stephen J. Cimbala
Westview Press, 1987
252 pp. $27.50

Perspectives on Strategic Defense

Edited by Steven W. Guerrier and Wayne C. Thompson
Westview Press, 1987
358 pp. $29.95

The SDI Challenge to Europe

By Ivo H. Daalder
Ballinger, 1987
185 pp. $19.95

SDI is in political ebb, but books about it are in flow-all without our knowing exactly what it is. Of the edited volumes, that by Wells and Litwak is the best, with a relatively brief introduction that sets SDI in the context of both history and American offensive force modernization. Charles Glaser's chapter and the ensuing panel discussion on the problem of transition are especially interesting. The Cimbala volume, most of whose authors are of more conservative bent, is strongest in its treatment of point defenses. The Guerrier and Thompson volume is a source book, with short analyses and statements of position by political figures, for and against SDI. Daalder has the benefit both of single authorship and of being a European who knows American strategy well. He understands strategy but gives primacy to politics. This long essay is the best discussion of SDI and Europe so far.

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