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The Balance of Power in Asia: A Symposium
The Balance of Power in Asia: A Symposium
International Security Council, 1987, 164 pp

This volume is the result of a meeting in Beijing in March 1987 between a group of American security specialists, led by Eugene Rostow, and the Beijing Institute for Strategic Studies, a Chinese think tank sponsored by the Ministry of Defense and consisting largely of retired Chinese military officers. The most interesting part of the dialogue was the extremely cautious Chinese approach to Gorbachev's new Vladivostok initiatives. The Chinese participants argued that Soviet strategic objectives in Asia remain unchanged and that the current Soviet "readjustment" merely introduces greater flexibility into Moscow's approach. The Chinese pointed out that the Soviet Union continues to build up its military strength in Asia-particularly its naval strength-and that Soviet ships and planes have "time and again conducted reconnaissance along the Chinese border and on China's coastal regions." Although seminars of this type are held frequently, the results are often unpublished. The International Security Council, which cosponsored the meeting, is to be congratulated for making the Chinese and American papers available to an American audience.