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Conflict Management in the Middle East
Conflict Management in the Middle East
Edited by Gabriel Ben-Dor and David B. Dewitt
Lexington Books, 1987, 323 pp

Another approach to the Arab-Israeli struggle is that of crisis management or, as this title indicates, conflict management, since the protracted conflict goes on between wars and crises. Ben-Dor and his colleagues make a very broad attack on the subject, one which enables each author to pursue his or her own special interest or area of expertise. There are chapters on concepts and theory, case studies of specific conflicts (including studies of the Iran-Iraq war and Libyan-Egyptian relations, welcome respites from Arab-Israeli affairs) and of the role of the superpowers, and speculation about the future. If peace is remote, peacekeeping and diplomacy remain indispensable, and on that score this book has much to offer.