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Eroding Empire: Western Relations With Eastern Europe
Eroding Empire: Western Relations With Eastern Europe
By Lincoln Gordon and others
Brookings, 1987, 359 pp

Far more than just another collection of papers on Eastern Europe, this is a carefully organized and well-presented study which covers both the developing situation in that region and the views, interests and policies of the West. The West, however, is not a monolith, and it is a great merit of the book that it describes separately the problems as seen from Bonn, Paris, London and Washington, and then seeks to define the essential interests common to all. Contributors include J. F. Brown, Pierre Hassner, Josef Joffe and Edwina Moreton. Lincoln Gordon, who guided the project, writes the key chapters on American and overall Western policy. To some the wisdom may seem conventional, but it is still wisdom, and that is the main point.