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Creating Facts: Israel, Palestinians And The West Bank
Creating Facts: Israel, Palestinians And The West Bank
By Geoffrey Aronson
Institute for Palestine Studies, 1987, 334 pp

A study of Israel's occupation policy, and especially its settlements policy, in the West Bank from 1967 to 1982. It documents the differences in outlook and policy between Labor and Likud, and between key individuals in both parties, as the government changed hands through successive elections. But the book notes the basic continuity in the determination to make Israel's control permanent by creating irreversible "facts" and denying political rights to the Arab populations. The results are evident in the total absence of reconciliation over the years and in today's violence and bloodshed. Aronson is certainly no apologist for Israel, but neither is he a propagandist for the Palestinians. This is a serious work of scholarship based largely on Israeli official statements and the Israeli press.