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Nicaragua V. United States: A Look At The Facts
Nicaragua V. United States: A Look At The Facts
By Robert F. Turner
Pergamon-Brassey's, 1987, 165 pp

This monograph draws on unclassified and declassified material to support its quasi-legal brief for U.S. aid to the Nicaraguan contras. Perhaps the most interesting section discusses the well-publicized "CIA training manual" that U.S. agents provided the contras, in which certain passages appeared to recommend the use of terror tactics. Turner argues that this was not a CIA manual but a translated U.S. Army document; that its basic contents and tone were misrepresented; that the offending passages may well have been planted and leaked by a Sandinista "mole" in the contra high command; and that in any case the passages do not necessarily mean what they seem to say. In effect, this volume offers the case that the United States (despite the author's recommendation) did not present before the International Court of Justice; it should be considered together with the Court's judgment of June 27, 1986.