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Politics, Work, And Daily Life In The USSR
Politics, Work, And Daily Life In The USSR
Edited by James R. Millar
Cambridge University Press, 1987, 423 pp

The first major product of an ambitious project in which the recollections and views (ascertained through questionnaires and interviews) of some 2,800 emigrants from the Soviet Union to the United States are used to provide or add to knowledge of contemporary Soviet life. The testimony has some built-in bias in that, by the very fact of emigration, these witnesses rejected or were rejected by Soviet society. However, the scholars tabulating and analyzing this material with the latest computers and techniques are aware of its limitations and do not draw unwarranted assumptions about Soviet society as a whole. Because they are acquainted with published Soviet and Western research in the field, they are well equipped to judge this (in many respects novel) evidence. A book of fundamental importance, although not light summer reading.