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Capitalism, Communism And Coexistence
Capitalism, Communism And Coexistence
By John Kenneth Galbraith and Stanislav Menshikov
Houghton Mifflin, 1988, 225 pp

This recorded version of several days' talk covers most of the principal economic issues of the day, along with some comments on armaments and superpower attitudes. Mr. Menshikov, who has been an economist for the U.N. and for the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party and is now an editor of the World Marxist Review, is a strong supporter of the Gorbachev reforms and argues that if they succeed they will produce superior socialism, not a variant of capitalism. Mr. Galbraith has some kind things to say about markets, prices and entrepreneurs, along with some suggestions for improvement (with some differences from his past views). Both are great enemies of bureaucracy, governmental and corporate. Not too much of what they say is highly original. But the book makes a good sophisticated primer about present and future issues, although the dialogue form does not really do justice to two good talkers.