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Hedley Bull On Arms Control
Hedley Bull On Arms Control
By Selected and introduced by Robert O'Neill and David N. Schwa
St. Martin's, 1987, 302 pp

Hedley Bull's death in 1985 at the age of 52 deprived strategy studies of one of its most unconventional, innovative thinkers. This volume is a reminder of just how great the loss was. His The Control of the Arms Race, published in 1962 when he was still in his twenties, is a classic; even when he turned out to be wrong-for instance, in underestimating just how stable the superpower nuclear balance would be-he reminds us how much the concepts we now take for granted owe to him. He was, as Michael Howard said, "the delight and terror of every conference he attended." Those of us who carry the scars from his penetrating insights do so gratefully.