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The Soviet-American Competition In The Middle East
The Soviet-American Competition In The Middle East
Edited by Steven L. Spiegel, Mark A. Heller and Jacob Goldbe
Lexington Books, 1988, 392 pp

The University of California's Institute on Global Conflict chose two academic institutes in Israel as its partners in a projected study of the nature of superpower competition in the Middle East and possible means of controlling it. In 22 essays the team covers almost every conceivable aspect of the historical record and current problems; every aspect, that is, that seems relevant to scholars conversant with the interests and policies of the United States and Israel. Soviet and Arab interpretations, not represented here, would be somewhat different-less objective perhaps, but adding new dimensions that might help illuminate the problems. That is not to say that these pages do not show a keen understanding of Soviet, as of American, policy; they do, and they are especially good on specifics, as in the analysis of arms transfers and patron-client relations.