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Toward Arab-Israeli Peace
Toward Arab-Israeli Peace
By Report of a Study Group
Brookings, 1988, 42 pp

A comparable Brookings report issued in 1975 has been credited with giving an impetus to the Carter Administration's efforts to bring about peace in the Middle East. This one is intended for the use of the new president taking office in January 1989, the Reagan Administration having done so little in the way of active diplomacy in this area. Now Secretary Shultz has been belatedly spurred by events into action (incidentally along the lines of this report), but there is sure to be something for the next administration still to do. The report contains the agreed (and some unagreed) conclusions of a diverse group of American experts, including some quite closely associated with either Israeli or Palestinian claims and interests; the remarkable fact is that they agreed on as much as they did in devising well-conceived and reasonable policies and strategies.