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The Economic Challenge Of Perestroika
The Economic Challenge Of Perestroika
By Abel G. Aganbegyan
Indiana University Press, 1988, 248 pp

Writing for the outside world, Gorbachev's principal economic adviser presents perestroika in much the same way that the general secretary and others have explained it to the Soviet people. His book may be taken as an authentic statement of how Soviet leaders view the U.S.S.R.'s problems and their solution through changes they describe as fundamental, radical and even revolutionary, intended to move the U.S.S.R. from a command economy "towards a democratic, independent, self-managing economy" and the fuller satisfaction of the needs of the Soviet people. The tone naturally is upbeat, although Aganbegyan certainly is aware of the formidable obstacles to reform, to which Alec Nove refers in his introduction to the book.