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The Global Rivals
The Global Rivals
By Seweryn Bialer and Michael Mandelbaum
Knopf, 1988, 205 pp

Written as a companion to a television series, The Global Rivals includes long passages of simple exposition on the origins and course of the cold war, with some overplaying of the human rights question, and other passages of thoughtful analysis of the changes that have taken place since the coming to power of Mikhail Gorbachev. With due caution the authors make the case that the Soviet leaders, for good and sufficient reasons of their own, are revising long-held foreign policy concepts and seriously trying, for the medium future anyway, to establish new kinds of relations with Europe, China, the Third World and especially the United States. These new policies present opportunities for American policy and possibilities for a safer, more stable world order. The book will get some criticism for being too optimistic or too soft, but unfolding events seem to be confirming its argument.