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Surrender Or Starve: The Wars Behind The Famine
Surrender Or Starve: The Wars Behind The Famine
By Robert D. Kaplan
Westview Press, 1988, 192 pp

This vivid account of deliberate government design in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Ethiopia and the Sudan from 1984 to 1987 tells very convincingly a story which the author claims was almost entirely ignored by Western media, diplomats and relief officials. Kaplan paints a horrific picture of often fatal cruelty perpetrated by Ethiopian soldiers in their government's resettlement program (and related famine relief programs) and does a preliminary sketch of a similar picture in the Sudanese civil war. While indicting both the inhumanity of African elites and the human rights policies of the Carter Administration, he offers no ameliorative solutions, beyond a weak effort to enshrine the Reagan Doctrine as a moral precept.