Arafat: A Political Biography

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Arafat: A Political Biography

By Alan Hart
Indiana University Press, 1989
560 pp. $39.95

Readers of Pryce-Jones's book (above) will not recognize Arafat from the portrait drawn here: the champion of Palestinian nationalism, the man of peace, the beloved and benevolent father of his people. This is, however, more than a sympathetic, semi-authorized biography. It constitutes a detailed running history of the PLO and the course of inter-Arab relations and the Arab-Israeli conflict from the mid-1960s to the present. Although no infallible or objective account of these events, it has inestimable value in telling how Arafat and his colleagues saw them (or what they chose to tell British journalist Alan Hart about how they saw them). The original British edition of the book came out in 1984. It is worth noting that it took the author four years to find an American publisher.

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