The Crisis Of Marxist Ideology In Eastern Europe

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The Crisis Of Marxist Ideology In Eastern Europe

By Vladimir Tismaneanu
Routledge, 1988
232 pp. $35.00

The author's "autopsy of Stalinism" is the familiar exposé of the totalitarian system at its height. His analysis of revisionism is a keen and at times original critique of the many efforts to go back to Lenin or Marx, to give Marxism a human face, to reform it without basic change in the one-party system, efforts doomed to frustration and failure. The only way out, now evident to East European intellectuals (including the author), is to move from revisionism to apostasy, to work for real pluralism and democracy. Tismaneanu, consistent with his historical argument, is skeptical of Gorbachev's reformism, which he finds rooted in the Stalinist legacy.

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