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Gorbachev And The Soviet Future
Gorbachev And The Soviet Future
Edited by Lawrence W. Lerner and Donald W. Treadgold
Westview Press, 1989, 284 pp

As the mountain of books on Gorbachev and his policies rises higher, reviewers and readers are about ready to say "uncle." Two problems seem to plague all the available literature. The first is that, as most authors admit, it is too early to tell what the reforms really mean and whether and in what ways they will succeed or fail. The second is that, especially in the case of multi-author books, they are so often outrun by events. The volume at hand, which cannot avoid these problems, is nevertheless one of the more successful of such endeavors because its authors (who include Herbert Ellison, Archie Brown, Alexander Dallin and Robert Campbell) are solid scholars, well versed in Soviet affairs and unafflicted by undue enthusiasm or negativism, who have taken this assignment seriously.