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Perestroika 1989
Perestroika 1989
Edited by Abel G. Aganbegyan
Scribners, 1989, 346 pp

Although these writings, unlike a Communist Party program, do not have the authority of holy writ, they do represent a full and genuine presentation of those who are carrying the banner of perestroika. The leading contributions are those of Alexander Yakovlev (on the political aspects) and Aganbegyan (on economic reform). The others-on law, culture, social forces and other matters-complete a broad picture and are a reflection of real change intended and in progress, not just effective advertising; the book is no mere rehash of Gorbachev's speeches and of party pronouncements. There are some unexpected extras. Fyodor Burlatsky gives his personal recollections of Khrushchev and Brezhnev, and world chess champion Gary Kasparov writes frankly about Soviet sports and about his championship matches with Anatoly Karpov.