A Strategy For Peace: Human Values And The Threat Of War

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A Strategy For Peace: Human Values And The Threat Of War

By Sissela Bok
Pantheon, 1989
202 pp. $17.95

The danger of man's self-extermination has long been apparent, as has the question of whether the balance of power, or deterrence, or arms control agreements offer adequate protection against it. Sissela Bok looks to increased concern for human values that will serve the cause of peace, but more than that, she calls for and describes practical measures that will reduce distrust and constitute a comprehensive strategy for peace. Her book is no sentimental "peacenik" appeal but a reasoned case for resolution, dedication and action by governments and individuals. It is grounded in Kant's Perpetual Peace, but finds guidance for effective strategy in many other sources, even in Clausewitz's On War. Can this book be useful to today's political leaders and to the average citizen? In some respects it is utopian, and readers may dismiss it as such, but they would be well advised to read it again.

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