The Deceptive Lure Of Detente

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The Deceptive Lure Of Detente

By Marian Leighton
St. Martin's, 1989
260 pp. $35.00

Lest we sacrifice Western security and vital interests on the altar of détente, Marian Leighton, who works in the U.S. Defense Department, calls attention to the unchanging character of Soviet aims (global hegemony) and to the ways in which periods of détente in the past have been turned to Soviet advantage. This is an uncompromising hard-line book in which Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and in some instances even Ronald Reagan appear as dupes of the Kremlin. Developments in the Gorbachev era inevitably raise the question of whether these interpretations are still valid. In a brief epilogue the author assures us that they are.

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