Germany, America, Europe: Forty Years Of German Foreign Policy

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Germany, America, Europe: Forty Years Of German Foreign Policy

By Wolfram F. Hanrieder
Yale University Press, 1989
509 pp. $29.95

A major work on German policies, at once analytical, historical and, in the epilogue, modestly prescriptive. The title announces a major theme: Bonn's need to maintain Atlantic and European allegiances, even when these were or are at odds with each other. Hanrieder, a political scientist and author of earlier works on German foreign policy, argues that U.S. policy has been one of double containment: by deterrence vis-à-vis the Soviets and by embrace vis-à-vis the Germans. The spectacular recovery of the Federal Republic in the last 40 years and the present quandary of "whither a mature Germany" are fully explored, with a remarkable command of published sources. The treatment is thematic and thus compartmentalized; not an easy book but a rewarding one, especially for alliance specialists.

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