The Improbable Survivor: Yugoslavia And Its Problems, 1918-1988

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The Improbable Survivor: Yugoslavia And Its Problems, 1918-1988

By Stevan K. Pavlowitch
Ohio State University Press, 1989
167 pp. $25.00

A British professor of Yugoslav origin provides a thumbnail history of the South Slav state in topical and thematic rather than chronological format. While it may be a bit cursory and disjointed for the general reader and the material overly familiar to the specialist, it has some notable merits, such as the emphasis on the persistence of certain trends and problems throughout the entire period of the monarchy and the communist state, the perspective on the complex nationalities question and a review of recent historical work that has opened windows on the past. The author's own analysis of the present crisis of Titoism is worth thoughtful consideration by all, in Yugoslavia and elsewhere, who have an interest and stake in the future of the country.

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