The Soviet Union And Northeast Asia; Asian Policy: The New Soviet Challenge In The Pacific

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The Soviet Union And Northeast Asia

By Herbert J. Ellison
The Asia Society/Washington: University Press of America, 1989
64 pp. $6.50

Asian Policy: The New Soviet Challenge In The Pacific

By Robert A. Manning
Priority Press, 1988
150 pp.

These two monographs provide a good account of recent Soviet initiatives in East Asia. Ellison concludes that Gorbachev has demonstrated a clear understanding of past Soviet failings in the region and a good sense of the improvement that can be made. The Sino-Soviet summit is impressive evidence of the effectiveness of recent Soviet policies. Manning concludes that Moscow's newly asserted status as a Pacific power is not necessarily a loss for the United States, and that Washington should help define the terms of Soviet participation in the Pacific. Thus far, he contends, Washington has been too reactive and defensive in the Pacific, failing to offer its own agenda.

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