Rethinking Human Rights: Challenges For Theory And Action

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Rethinking Human Rights: Challenges For Theory And Action

Edited by Smitu Kothari and Harsh Sethi
New Horizons Press, 1989
187 pp. $24.50

While dealing solely and in depth with the question of human rights in India, this book has relevance to the entire Third World. The emphasis on the individual in Western human rights movements, the book suggests, is not altogether apropos in Third World societies where man's "social" self, his group or community, is far more crucial than in the West. The concept of rights must be extended to groups and communities and their relationships with each other; how, for instance, is communal oppression to be handled in a human rights context? Human rights organizations in India need to concentrate less on legal norms and to connect more with social activism. This is an important book that should be read carefully by human rights practitioners in the West.

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