Gorbachev's Economic Dilemma: An Insider's View

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Gorbachev's Economic Dilemma: An Insider's View

By Olimpiad Ioffe
Merrill/Magnus, 1989
317 pp. $19.95

Gorbachev is a product of the Soviet system, which has been based on the unlimited power of the political elite resting on a monopoly of economic power. His reforms, a phase in the long-established cyclical pattern of decentralization and recentralization, are intended to save and improve the system, not destroy it. Such is the thesis expounded by Dr. Ioffe, a law scholar who left the U.S.S.R. in 1981. He supports his thesis with a review of what he sees as the results of perestroika to date, not in declared aims but in the practical effects of the new laws and regulations.

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