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Soviet History In The Gorbachev Revolution
Soviet History In The Gorbachev Revolution
By R. W. Davies
Indiana University Press, 1989, 232 pp

Profiting from the relaxation of censorship, Soviet writers have begun to dig into previously forbidden subjects. Professor Davies gives a brief but comprehensive account of what has been written, mainly since 1987, on such hot topics as Lenin's policies and legacy, the collectivization of land and the Great Famine, Stalin's purges and the Stalinist system, and the conduct of World War II. The bulk of these publications, incidentally, come from the pens of journalists and novelists; the establishment's professional historians have been slow to join in. Davies then goes into regime policy. How far should the revelations, revisions and rehabilitations go? After Bukharin and Zinoviev, what about Trotsky? If Stalin's policies were misguided, what about Lenin's? The importance of the current burst of attention to history, and thus the importance of this book, lies in its direct relevance to the present and future.