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Suez 1956: The Crisis And Its Consequences
Suez 1956: The Crisis And Its Consequences
Edited by Wm. Roger Louis and Roger Owen
Oxford, 1989, 428 pp

A splendid collaborative effort by the leading experts, some of whom were active in the crisis, to establish the causes and consequences of Suez, in the light of newly available evidence and from the distance of thirty years. The crisis involved virtually every element of world politics, signifying, inter alia, the decline of European colonialism and the rise of Arab nationalism, the intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the decisive role of American economic power. But Suez 1956 also illustrates the misperceptions, the twisted memories with their seemingly simple lessons, the fears, suspicions and ambitions that have a decisive bearing on politics-and not only in so murky a situation as Suez. A major work.