Agenda For Action: African-Soviet-U.S. Cooperation

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Agenda For Action: African-Soviet-U.S. Cooperation

Edited by Anatoly A. Gromyko and C. S. Whitaker
Lynne Rienner, 1990
290 pp. $15.95

Assembling a first-rate mix of African, American and Soviet scholars, this collection deals with yesterday's policy issues, but delves imaginatively into today's and tomorrow's development problems, including the environment, epidemiology, telecommunications and arms transfers. Nonetheless, with central Europe now the almost exclusive focus of "confidence-building" efforts between the superpowers, it seems essential for a study of this sort to ask quite insistently, as it does not, why cooperation in aiding Africa should be on the U.S. and Soviet agendas. A little more skepticism about good intentions would give the book's many excellent prescriptions more credibility.

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