Can Russia Change? The USSR Confronts Global Interdependence

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Can Russia Change? The USSR Confronts Global Interdependence

By Walter C. Clemens, Jr.
Unwin Hyman, 1990
384 pp. $19.95

Professor Clemens has put years of labor and much thought into pondering the question in the book's title and weighing alternative answers. He is not merely describing the Gorbachev reforms and debating whether they can succeed. He is looking at the entire experience of the Soviet Union over the 70-plus years of communism, the course of the Cold War-what it has meant for Russia, America and the world-and at the relevant aspects of Russian history prior to 1917. The uninitiated may find it heavy, and the initiated may find many points with which to quarrel, but the main argument for relations of "complex interdependence" is clear and convincing. Can Russia change? Yes, says the author, and it must. In a situation where both the Soviet Union and America are in need of a grand strategy for mutual benefit, a book such as this is welcomed.

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