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Gorbachev: The Last Tsar
Gorbachev: The Last Tsar
By Dusko Doder and Louise Branson
Viking, 1990, 441 pp

If a reader is looking for the substance of the Gorbachev revolution, intelligently analyzed and all wrapped up in one volume, this is the book. Doder, a veteran correspondent, gives added life to the picture by drawing on his own intimate acquaintance with the Soviet scene and a number of interviews with persons involved in the current struggles. Writing so close to events, however, and eschewing caution in their assessment of events and personalities, the authors cannot claim unerring vision and perspective. Do they-does anyone-know who is controlling or will control the fate of that country? Gorbachev? His conservative opponents? The radical democrats? The weight of the Russian past? In any case the book informs, instructs, stimulates and raises vital questions.