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Justice Not Vengeance
Justice Not Vengeance
By Simon Wiesenthal
Grove Widenfeld, 1990, 384 pp

Now 80, the beloved and reviled "Nazi hunter" pens his life story, and a riveting one it is. Born in Galicia, one of the most war-ravaged territories in the world, he miraculously survived World War II, with more than one hair's-breadth escape. Since that time he has been occupied mainly with tracking down Nazi war criminals who have gone into hiding and in pushing, through publicity, reluctant German and Austrian officials to bring war criminals to justice. But the title of the book is apt: in the Kurt Waldheim case, for instance, Wiesenthal holds that there is no proof that Waldheim actually committed any war crimes and he excoriates the media and the World Jewish Congress for promulgating unfounded charges and then refusing to back down.