Soviet National Security Policy Under Perestroika; The USSR And The Western Alliance

In This Review

Soviet National Security Policy Under Perestroika

Edited by George E. Hudson
Unwin Hyman, 1989
343 pp. $49.95

The USSR And The Western Alliance

Edited by Robbin F. Laird and Susan L. Clark
Unwin Hyman, 1990
269 pp. $44.95

The volume edited by George Hudson is an ambitious effort to assess the various aspects of security policy (military doctrine, weapons technology, civil-military relations, etc.) amid the changes that have marked the first years of the Gorbachev era. The authors, competent specialists, do well with the material at hand but have some problems shooting at a moving target. In general the tendency is to overstress continuity of policy from the Brezhnev into the Gorbachev period and to underemphasize the pace and magnitude of change. The Laird/Clark volume covers much of the same ground but is not so wide-ranging; it concentrates on Western Europe, with chapters devoted to Germany, France and Britain. The authors in both books assume continued Soviet control of Eastern Europe and therefore, like Western political thinkers, will now be doing some new thinking of their own.

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