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Trotsky: Memoir And Critique
Trotsky: Memoir And Critique
By Albert Glotzer
Prometheus Books, 1989, 343 pp

A biography of Trotsky and also, in large measure, an autobiography of Albert Glotzer, who was a friend and confidant of Trotsky and a figure of some importance in the American communist movement. He therefore had special advantages in writing this book, in which Trotsky's early years and revolutionary activity, while not neglected, are given less attention than the years in exile. Acquainted with earlier biographies (including Isaac Deutscher's, to which he takes strong exception on key points), Glotzer is himself a primary source on some aspects of Trotsky's life and thought. He served, for example, as "court stenographer" for the proceedings of the Dewey Commission. He is sympathetic to Trotsky as a man and thinker but critical of his frequent follies and misjudgments. A valuable contribution.