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The Cold War Is Over
The Cold War Is Over
By William G. Hyland
Times Books, 1990, 240 pp

Hyland begins unequivocally: "The cold war is over. The United States and its allies have won." The unpersuaded American right can disagree with the first sentence; liberals and Gorbachev can challenge the second. Dating the origin of the Cold War as the 1939 Nazi-Soviet pact, the author has no doubts that principal responsibility lies with the Soviet Union and its leaders-the Kremlin's determination to make the empire stronger than any of its adversaries and irresponsible and pugnacious Soviet behavior. He also gives credit to Gorbachev for bringing to fruition the revolution in Soviet policy that has made the end of the Cold War possible. It would be fascinating to have a parallel study by a Soviet author of equally strong opinions, experience and honesty.