Disturbing The Peace

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Disturbing The Peace

By Václav Havel
Knopf, 1990
215 pp. $19.95

Havel, playwright-philosopher-president, has become a symbol and hero to many beyond the borders of his native Czechoslovakia, whetting interest in his life and his ideas. Living in Truth is a compilation of six essays he wrote between 1975 and 1985, including the now classic "Power of the Powerless," plus a number of writings to or about Havel by distinguished contemporaries, among them Samuel Beckett, Milan Kundera and Tom Stoppard. Disturbing the Peace, an interchange in which Havel responded at length to questions put by Karel Hvíž??ala, a Czech journalist then living abroad, constitutes a revealing autobiography. Both books reflect the essence of the man, his honesty and humanity.

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