Gorbachev's New Thinking And Third World Conflicts

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Gorbachev's New Thinking And Third World Conflicts

Edited by Jiri Valenta and Frank Cibulka
Transaction Books, 1990
352 pp.

An ambitious attempt to see what place, in theory and practice, the Third World has in Soviet foreign policy since the dispensations of 1985. An all-star cast of authors agrees more or less on what Gorbachev and his cohorts have said and done-indeed, some of it is told several times over-but they have differing views on motives and strategy. Some stress sharp and genuine change in Soviet ideology and policy; others counsel caution. The book has at least three notable merits: it contains a fine overall analysis by Vernon Asparutian; it covers in detail the important but uncertain roles of Moscow's junior partners, Cuba and Vietnam; and it includes among its contributors a number of scholars from Third World countries, including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand and Nicaragua.

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