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As I Saw It

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As I Saw It

As I Saw It
By Dean Rusk, as told to Richard Rusk
Norton, 1990 672 pp. $29.95 Purchase

Dean Rusk took no papers from government service into private life. For years he refused to write his memoirs and maintained a stoic reticence about expressing his personal feelings. Even the quasi-authorized biography by David Schoenbaum, Waging Peace (1988), was not very revealing. But here we have a unique form of memoir, oral history as an act of reconciliation between Dean Rusk and his son Richard, checked and reinforced by the research of the editor, Daniel Papp. Secretary Rusk's powerful belief in the United States as bulwark against aggression (his understanding of what Vietnam meant), his quiet wit and distaste for self-aggrandizement are eloquently expressed. This book will clarify and enhance his place in history.

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