Yugoslavia: Socialism, Development And Debt; The Reality And The Myth

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Yugoslavia: Socialism, Development And Debt

By David A. Dyker
Routledge, 1990
201 pp. $67.50

The Reality And The Myth

By France Bucar
St. Francis Xavier University Press, 1989
336 pp.

Dyker's book is a history of the Yugoslav economy and official economic theories and policies from World War II to the present, replete with statistics and keen in its observations and criticism. He holds out little hope for successful economic reform without basic political change. The Reality and the Myth is a general treatise on the communist system and its inability to adapt to reality without giving up its essence, the monopoly of power. The argument is familiar but the illustrations taken from the Yugoslav experience-with special attention to the myths of "socialist self-management" and the nationalities question-are particularly interesting. The author is a Slovene who previously held public office in Yugoslavia.

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