The German Nuclear Dilemma; The Changing Politics Of German Security; The Bundeswehr And Western Security

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The German Nuclear Dilemma

By Jeffrey Boutwell
Cornell University Press, 1990
247 pp. $29.95

The Changing Politics Of German Security

By Stephen F. Szabo
St. Martin's Press, 1990
170 pp. $45.00

The Bundeswehr And Western Security

Edited by Stephen F. Szabo
St. Martin's Press, 1990
265 pp. $55.00

Whither Germany? The question, in a new form, will be with us for years. Boutwell provides a thoughtful assessment of West German nuclear politics during the governments of those two very different Helmuts, Kohl and Schmidt. He details the apparent breakdown in Germany's security consensus during the 1980s, and he outlines unified Germany's nuclear future. Will Germany be tempted to go nuclear? He thinks not: "A German nationalism that has been truncated for forty-five years will express itself politically, culturally and, above all, economically, rather than militarily." Szabo's book is broader and briefer (and dearer); he examines public attitudes and the security policies of the major West German parties. His edited volume focuses on the German army, the Bundeswehr, but its authors necessarily keep returning to the broader strategic currents that surround it.

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