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The Impact Of Sanctions On South Africa
The Impact Of Sanctions On South Africa
Investor Responsibility Research Center, 1990, pp

There is much in this authoritative study that should interest future historians and policy analysts charting the multiple forces of change in South Africa in the pre-de Klerk period. Focusing their research on both economic effects and attitudinal responses among whites, the authors emphasize several conclusions: that the anticipation of sanctions over two decades pushed Pretoria into an expensive semi-autarkic development strategy that seriously retarded economic growth; that except in respect to capital, oil and computer technology, South Africa is less vulnerable to sanctions now than it was in earlier decades; and that white attitudes regarding sanctions in 1989 reflected a predictable ambivalence toward foreign pressures. To create stronger incentives for change, the authors recommend a U.S. sanctions strategy that offers incremental rewards for specific reforms carried out.