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La Politique Americaine De Commerce Avec L'est, 1969-1989
La Politique Americaine De Commerce Avec L'est, 1969-1989
By Marie-Helene Labbé
Presses Universitaires de France, 1990, 213 pp

Any serious study of American trade policy toward the communist countries has to take account of contradictions and inconsistencies, shifts in opinion and analysis, differences between Congress and the executive, divisions within the executive, changes in objectives from economic warfare and export promotion, disputes with allies, diplomacy versus public opinion and the never-ending game of "sending signals." Labbé condenses these matters very neatly, lays out some criteria and comes to the conclusion that, with all their weaknesses, export embargoes and the linkage of trade pressures with other tactics have been more effective than many observers believe. To sustain this view she naturally has to make some judgments about cause and effect and alternatives that not everyone will accept.