Paths To Russia: From War To Peace

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Paths To Russia: From War To Peace

By F. Wilhelm Christians
Macmillan, 1991
236 pp. $24.95

A preeminent German banker and pragmatic practitioner of Ostpolitik, before it became government policy in the late 1960s, reviews his dealings with the Soviets, including negotiations concerning the controversial pipeline from near the Arctic circle to central Europe. Writing in the summer of 1990, Christians was still hopeful that prudent Western help-principally German within a European or an Atlantic framework-could help Gorbachev to deal with huge political and economic issues. Helmut Schmidt provides an illuminating preface, briefly describing the evolution of his own thoughts and feelings about Russia from his school and army days to his chancellorship, when he sought to deal with the dangers and possibilities of the Soviet presence in Europe.

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