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Elusive Friendship: A Survey Of U.S.-Chilean Relations
Elusive Friendship: A Survey Of U.S.-Chilean Relations
By Heraldo Munoz and Carlos Portales
Reinner, 1991, 109 pp

Chile's current ambassador to the Organization of American States and the director general of Chile's Foreign Ministry wrote this history of Chilean-U.S. relations, focusing primarily on the Pinochet period, when they were both academic social scientists prominent in the opposition. They argue that conflict and tension have usually prevailed in U.S.-Chilean relations. Bilateral friendship has been elusive because of cultural and diplomatic rivalries, economic conflict, U.S. interventionism and-during the Pinochet years-because Chile contravened the basic values of U.S. policy. Now that democratic politics has been restored in Chile, a new era in U.S.-Chilean relations may be possible.