Elusive Friendship: A Survey Of U.S.-Chilean Relations

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Elusive Friendship: A Survey Of U.S.-Chilean Relations

By Heraldo Munoz and Carlos Portales
Reinner, 1991
109 pp. $22.00

Chile's current ambassador to the Organization of American States and the director general of Chile's Foreign Ministry wrote this history of Chilean-U.S. relations, focusing primarily on the Pinochet period, when they were both academic social scientists prominent in the opposition. They argue that conflict and tension have usually prevailed in U.S.-Chilean relations. Bilateral friendship has been elusive because of cultural and diplomatic rivalries, economic conflict, U.S. interventionism and-during the Pinochet years-because Chile contravened the basic values of U.S. policy. Now that democratic politics has been restored in Chile, a new era in U.S.-Chilean relations may be possible.

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