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Libya's Foreign Policy In North Africa
Libya's Foreign Policy In North Africa
By Mary-Jane Deeb
214 pp, Westview Press, 1990

In contrast to those who dismiss Muammar Qaddafi as a madman or fanatic, the author thinks that he is crazy like a fox, pursuing quite rational policies aimed at preserving Libya's integrity and his own regime. In doing so she provides the most detailed account yet published on Libya's relations with other Maghreb states as well as with Egypt, the Sudan and Chad. Qaddafi has indeed maintained his country's independence and his own authority. Yet the bewildering succession of proposed unions and mergers-most of which amounted to nothing-interspersed with terrorism, aggression and attempts to subvert neighboring states and to play a role far beyond his and Libya's capacities, carry more than a suggestion of irrationality and delusions of grandeur.