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Spring In Winter: The 1989 Revolutions

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Spring In Winter: The 1989 Revolutions

Spring In Winter: The 1989 Revolutions
Edited by Gwyn Prins
Manchester University Press, 1991, 252 pp. $29.95 Purchase

Further reflections on the revolutions that swept central and eastern Europe in 1989, originally a series of lectures at Cambridge University. Six pieces on individual countries are sandwiched between an opening lecture by John Kenneth Galbraith warning against a jump from a command economy to pure free-market capitalism, and a closing lecture by Sir James Eberle. Most of the authors were participants in the events they describe. One, Andrei Piontkowsky, writing on the different process of change in the U.S.S.R. itself, is an active participant in the Democratic Russia movement. He sees Gorbachev, by alienating the democratic forces and making ever more compromises with the right, as paving the way for a conservative takeover.

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